LED Cost Savings MR16

Energy Savings Analysis:
Existing Bult Wattage: 20
Unit Cost of Current Bulb: $9
Number of Bulbs In Use: 6
Lifetime of Existing Bulb(Hours): 4000

LED Replacement Bulb
LED Replacement Wattage: 4
Unit Cost of LED Bulb: $18.00
Number of LED Bulbs to be Used: 6
Lifetime of LED Bulb (Hours) 50,000

Average kWh Rate: $.13
Average Daily Bulb Usage: 24

Energy Savings Estimate
Investment for LED Replacement $78.00
Current Electric Cost Per Month: $11.23
Electric Cost Using LEDs Per Month: $2.25
Energy Savings Per Month: $8.99
Total Energy Savings: $624
Total Bulb Replacement Savings: $407.14
Break-even Point 8.68 Months
Total Savings using LED Bulbs: $1167
Return on Investment: 1396.15%